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Audra Brush's Testimonials

  • Audra went above and beyond to help us purchase our home.
    Joseph Plourde and Alaina Gendron (January 2022)
  • I would recommend Audra Brush to anyone buying or selling a home.
    Jesse M Peterson
  • After one hell of a year and moving three babies under four out of state as a single mom, the whole process felt so overwhelming and scary. The wonderful agent from Leeds was so helpful in working with my needs and really helping get me and my babies into a beautiful house asap. Thank you, Audra.
    Allison Cameron (June 2021)
  • Audra did a fantastic job. She worked hard for us and got us a house during a time that seemed limited with possibilities. Great work!!!
    Justin Murawski (April 2021)
  • Audra Brush was so helpful, friendly, and professional during my entire experience with her. She always answered my many calls and texts and answered my multiple questions. She took each of my concerns seriously along the way, and explained things in a manner that I could understand. She was great to work with!
    Diana Milligan (April 2021)
  • Audra provided exceptional customer service. Audra’s Real Estate knowledge, her skills, and hard workmanship is definitely an asset to Leeds Real Estate. Audra is commended for all she did in the sale of our home. Thank you so much Audra it was a pleasure working with you.
    Randy Hicks (March 2021)
  • My initial contact was on a Saturday. I expected an answering machine and a call some time mid-week. Instead, Audra ended up on my phone and the ball was rolling. In less than a week, we were walking through (what was to become) our new house. Every email or call I sent was answered almost immediately. When I was out of questions, she had either questions or suggestions that I hadn’t thought of. She was very fast, friendly, and thorough. Nothing but kudos!
    Ernest Huber (March 2021)
  • Audra was AMAZING! I would recommend Leeds and especially Audra. She worked hard for us, so we never had to stress about anything. Thank-you Audra!
    The Bacons (January 2021)
  • Audra is the BEST! We greatly appreciate her dedication and hard work helping us find the perfect home! She was always on call for our questions and made sure she followed up on all of our inquiries in a timely fashion. She had our best interest in mind, and for that, we are grateful! We highly recommend Audra if you’re looking for a home in the area.
    Christina Loccisano (October 2020)