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Will Fairchild

Will Fairchild

William is a lifelong resident of Iron Mountain, deeply rooted in the community where he was born and raised. He graduated from Iron Mountain High School and is currently pursuing a degree in Mechatronics, a field that merges mechanical engineering and electronics. His educational journey has been remarkable, starting college classes during his sophomore year of high school and on track to complete his degree next spring.

With four years of experience in the carpentry industry, William possesses a profound understanding of the intricate processes involved in remodeling and refurbishing houses. This knowledge empowers him to offer invaluable benefits to his clients. Additionally, he successfully manages a commercial real estate complex and owns an AirBnB, both prominently situated in Iron Mountain. These ventures reflect William's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to enhancing the local community.

William finds solace and inspiration in his faith. As a member of St Anthony's church in Niagara, he humbly attributes his achievements to the Lord. In his leisure time, William pursues a range of interests that contribute to his personal growth and well-being. He engages in weightlifting, riding dirt bikes, restoring classic cars and especially enjoys fishing.

William is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Michigan Association of Realtors and Upper Peninsula Association of Realtors.

With his steadfast dedication, comprehensive expertise, and diverse interests, William’s clients can be confident they are under expert care and guidance. He can be reached at 906-282-8803 or [email protected].